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2 October 2023

The NHS Net Zero Building Standard comes into effect

Sector News

Sector News

From 1 October 2023 all NHS investments in new buildings and major upgrades to existing facilities, that are subject to HM Treasury business case approval process and are at pre-strategic outline business case (SOC) approval stage on October 1st 2023, will need to apply the NHS Net Zero Building Standard.

The Standard is a statutory guidance document that provides technical guidance, designed to support the development of more sustainable, resilient and energy efficient buildings to meet the needs of patients both now as well as in the future.

Along with the standard, there is a suite of reporting and compliance tools that must be applied to every aspect of the design and business case stages. It has been designed to be used throughout the project lifecycle, from preparation and briefing, through to handover and in-use. (RIBA stages 1-7).

A notable aspect of the NHS Net Zero Building Standard is the specific requirement to identify and appoint a Net Zero Carbon Coordinator, to oversee design and performance compliance and to report at the relevant business case stages. This role requires a suitably qualified professional who will manage the net zero carbon design, monitoring and performance compliance responsibilities for your projects.

Here at Drees & Sommer UK we have a team of dedicated energy and sustainability experts as well as accredited Business Case Practitioners, who are all familiar with the requirements of the NHS Net Zero Building Standard. We can fulfil the role of Net Zero Carbon Coordinator for your projects and deliver your Net Zero Building Standard compliant business cases.

We have written a summary of the Standard and the new Net Zero Carbon Coordinator that you can find here.