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6 July 2022

We host our annual staff conference after two years of virtual gatherings



Our annual staff conference is a very important event for us at Drees & Sommer UK. An event that brings all our staff together for a chance to connect with one another and the business.

For two years now we have not been able to host our staff conference in person and although our virtual events were amazing, we missed face to face interactions.

We thought we would share a glimpse of our annual conference which spans over two days.

Day 1:

The first day of staff conference involved company updates as well as workshops.

The day doesn’t stop after workshops, we all gathered to have a sit-down meal as well as attend an insightful discussion with our pre-dinner speaker Suzanne Williams QPM.

Suzanne Williams QPM provided our staff with an inspirational talk which touched on her experience as a hostage negotiator and the skills she has developed and how this translates to the business setting.

Day 2:

The second day of staff conference revolves around team building. This year our team building theme provided by KDM events was ‘squad games’. Full of different team building activities we spent day two of the conference focusing on having fun and learning more about our colleagues coupled with some healthy competition.