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One Partnership: NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale CCG

Drees & Sommer supported NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale CCG through the provision of strategic property advice. This included the development of the borough’s Strategic Estates Plan (SEP) and associated implementation plan; a cornerstone of which is to develop integrated health & social care hubs in each of the four Rochdale townships.

We aligned the SEP with the local plan to ensure that the estate can effectively respond to the collaborative commissioning requirements and enable identification of estates’ rationalisation opportunities, which will deliver clinical, economic and financial benefits.

From this we undertook a Planned Maintenance profile of the community estates and our asset managers collated the data onto an interactive data platform, Microsoft Power BI, so the CCG could visualise the information that was otherwise in Excel spreadsheets. This was a key stakeholder engagement tool, that demonstrated both the deficits and the efficiencies available to them.

Services included: Architecture, Health and Social Care Mentorship, Programme Manager, Health Planning, Service Planning, Senior Analyst, Facilities Management Consultants, Building Surveyors, General Practice Surveyors (working with partners), Estate Professionals, Strategic Management Consultancy.

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