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UK Parliament - MEPFS Programme

Drees & Sommer are providing Project Management, Cost Management, Business Case support on the Mechanical Electrical Public Health & Fabric Safety Programme (MEPFS). We work in collaboration with UK Parliament’s In House Services & Estates team to deliver this essential risk reduction programme in the Palace of Westminster in advance of the Renewal & Restoration (R&R) Programme. Drees & Sommer are delivering 19 distinct works packages throughout the whole of the Palace.

The Palace is a 24/7 live environment with many moving parts, so strong stakeholder management is key to business continuity and the successful delivery of the programme.

The challenges associated with working in a Grade 1 Listed building and UNESCO World Heritage Site takes careful planning, design management and risk management from our highly skilled team.

With many projects and programmes of work ongoing at one time within the Palace, our experienced team ensure carefully considered construction logistics are implemented and that health and safety remains a top priority.

Our team collaborates with the Parliament delivery team and assurance team to critically review opportunities for improvement, innovation in design and construction methodologies, so that all workstreams can be completed and all benefits realised prior to commencement of R&R.

We have approached the delivery of the MEPFS programme of works as an integrated team. Our commitment to deliver on time and on budget has been key to our successful relationship. We have established a capable and experienced delivery team to cover all angles of project delivery and it is truly end to end.

We work to create positive solutions and focus on the outcome, not the cause. We take away lessons learnt and implement successful strategies to benefit the team, client and future programmes of work.

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