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pRED Research Center, Basel

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Discovery and development is one of the core research tasks of F. HoffmannLa Roche Ltd. The aim of the new research center at the company's headquarters in Basel is to comprehensively prepare the necessary research infrastructure for the new challenges. To this end, around 2023,4 modern office and laboratory workplaces will be created in four buildings (buildings 7-1) by 800.The focus is on an inspiring, open and innovation-promoting working environment that simplifies communication and collaboration, and that can react flexibly to changes in research areas and digitalization. An important building block for a successful research environment is an identity-creating "campus feeling", which is to be created by linking the buildings on the ground floor (Avenue), the adjacent, green outdoor area (Science Square) and the so-called neigborhoods. The high-rise laboratory buildings Building 6 and Building 7 are each divided into units of three floors (neighborhoods) in order to create smaller, manageable research biotopes for around 140 scientists from various disciplines each. Building 5 is an office building and will offer a variety of different work opportunities through a modern office concept. Building 4 will be used as a "Convention Center". The auditorium on the ground floor can accommodate 200 people for lectures, presentations, conferences, seminars or banquets.

We provided the client with a range of services, including;

Overall management of general planning
Planning coordination LDM (construction, building services & laboratory)
Façade technology
Building Physics, Building Ecology
Construction logistics concept (initial planning)
MEP Coordination + HVAC Planning
Energy Design
User Management
Laboratory Concepts
Cost and schedule management of planning
Document control
Supervision of the holistic BIM method:BIM strategy
BIM management and overall BIM coordination
Maintenance of the BIM project database

© F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd