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University of Leeds

As a major stakeholder in the city, The University of Leeds is home to an amazing campus in terms of both its scale and architectural merit. We have supported the institution through the development and refurbishment of a number of major capital schemes.

We have been delighted to have provided professional consultancy support on a number of significant projects including: the ERDF supported £38m NEXUS building that is designed to attract local industry and innovative start-ups on campus, alongside a number of highways and gateway improvements.

We have project managed the refurbishment of two grade II listed properties, originally designed by Chamberlain, Powell and Bon, the designers of the Barbican. These include the Edward Boyle Library, a £15m refurbishment and restoration of the largest library on the University of Leeds campus at over 11,000m2 and the Faculty of Biological Sciences a £65m phased refurbishment of the departmental building.

Critical to the success of the biological sciences project was coordinating with all the academic research groups and the numerous groups who share spaces and lab areas. Reconfiguring the listed property so that it met the flexibility and futureproofing required by the school while also providing best in class research facilities for the current users.

One of the most complex schemes we have undertaken for the University was the refurbishment of the student union. Consisting of four separate buildings, over 12,000m² and organised across 18 different levels, the building has grown organically over time to suit changing needs and demands. The project was to improve circulation internally and reduce congestion at peak times, working to higher standards for disabled access.