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University of Westminster

The University of Westminster are an exciting institution who have confronted the challenge of decarbonisation head on. We have principally been supporting the university in the delivery of two key estates objectives: minimising the energy consumption, and modernisation.

We have provided an estates wide survey to all residential accommodation reviewing the fabric and MEP infrastructure to all student accommodation. We delivered a feasibility with a prioritisation schedule, detailing the works required to meet the university’s sustainability objectives. We looked at cashflow forecasting across the programme, agreeing with the client how best to group the works, market testing efficiencies in batches.

Drees & Sommer have provided a seconded team to support the University and their compliance needs specific to mechanical and electrical services across the whole of the campus, with a dual qualified building surveyor/ programme manager embedded with the estates team.

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We are expected, as one of the University’s preferred consultants, to support them with their prioritisation and development of both their capital and maintenance programmes. This has involved supporting the Director of Estates with business cases and budget identification.

Our energy and sustainability work has covered SKA assessments, LED installations and a dozen capital programme maintenance schemes, across all six campus sites including the grade II listed Marylebone campus.