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NHS Warrington CCG

Drees & Sommer have worked with Warrington CCG across a number of projects, both directly for the CCG and across the 5 Boroughs Partnership.

We have previously undertaken an estates scoping and options development exercise for Causeway Medical Centre in Warrington. NHS Warrington CCG identified South Warrington (the area in which the GP Practice is situated) as having an urgent need for fit for purpose, modern, accessible facilities to enable the provision of integrated primary and community care and wellbeing services at scale, as much of the local estate is in poor condition and lacks functional suitability.

In an estates scoping and options development exercise we captured strategic considerations, which determined the regional and national direction, the investment objectives, existing arrangements, business needs and also took into consideration what the practice was trying to achieve and the impact of future demand. We conducted capacity and demand modelling and reviewed both the commercial and economic cases, developing a long list of options, which was amalgamated into a short list of options, where Drees & Sommer provided benchmark costs for each option.

As a separate commission we were appointed to develop a Building User Guide for the NHS tenants, operating within the Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub. The hub and the services provided within, are designed to meet the ever changing and ongoing needs of the local community. Services provided within the hub include library services, healthcare services and extensive fitness facilities including a swimming pool.

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