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Building Services Engineering Design

Through the combination of expertise in mechanical, electrical and public health engineering, we design efficient, effective and elegant building services systems and infrastructure. This reaches across ventilation, heating and cooling, lighting and all the other systems a building needs that create stimulating, healthy and productive environments in which to work and live.

Working closely with, architects and other professional team members, we can help you realise your transformational vision to create an inspiring environment, whether that be in healthcare, offices, residential buildings or industrial complexes.

Fully committed to providing low and net zero carbon design solutions, our building services engineers work closely with our energy & sustainability team to develop integrated design solutions and to deliver sustainable and low energy buildings.

Effective Building Services Engineering Design requires a deep understanding of energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, and emerging technologies. Our engineers have to consider the life cycle of the building and adopt sustainable practices to minimise environmental impact. Moreover, the integration of smart technologies, automation, and renewable energy sources has become integral to contemporary designs, reflecting our commitment to resource conservation and innovation in building services engineering.

Building Services Engineering Design plays a pivotal role in shaping modern infrastructure, ensuring buildings are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally superior, resilient, and environmentally responsible.