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Planning Support

Building services accounts for a significant proportion of the overall cost of a building project and on more technically complex projects can account for as much as 45% or more of the overall project construction cost.

As such, building services require significant planning to be delivered on time and budget.

Being involved in the very early stages of the initial project brief, we provide advice on feasibility studies, and the development of the project objectives including functional performance of the project as a whole, sustainability and budget.

All too often this stage of the design process is overlooked and the building services engineers are engaged at RIBA Stage 2, or in some cases as late as RIBA Stage 3, when key decisions have been made without mechanical and electrical engineering involvement. This can lead to redesign of the building envelope due to spatial fit oversight, or require significant utility infrastructure reinforcement costs for example.

We can assist you by engaging in early planning stages to provide:
• Feasibility Studies
• Utility Searches
• Technical Appraisals